The Castle


I stare out the window and I see a wondrous sight; there are two dragons flying side by side. Their colours are so pretty, red and blue, yellow and orange. I watch them for hours but then they vanish. I sigh and sit on the floor and stare at the room, it is plain and boring and white, I don't like it much, I long to get out again, but I can't, I am a prisoner here. They keep me locked up here in this castle, I'm not even allowed outside this room most of the time. We do get out sometimes though, so we can have our exercise I guess, there I meet the others in this place.

What is that noise, oh its footsteps, I hear them walking up the stairs. They must be coming for me. I have to escape, but where?

I wander over to the window and stare out again, on the lake below I see the mermaids playing, they might be able to hear me, so I call to them for help, but instead they carry on laughing at each other as they play their games. They do not hear me.

Crying I sit down upon the bed, I can still hear them, they have climbed the stairs already I can hear them entering the first of the cells. Someone is screaming for them to go away.

I can't remember how long I've been here, and I don't know why they have taken me. I didn't do anything wrong, I never stole, or cheated or lied or killed anyone. My friend who stays on the other side of the wall thinks that we're here to be experimented on, maybe he's right.

I can remember what happened on the day they took me, even if I can't remember when it was. I was in my garden, taking care of the wytherns that stayed with me, I ran a care centre for injured animals, wild or pets. When I was suddenly stormed upon by them, took me by force, I remember screaming and kicking and begging for mercy, but they would not listen, I do not know what has become of my care centre I hope all the animals are ok.

They are getting closer, I can hear someone scream from their cell nearby, I shiver and stare up at the ceiling, I have to calm down otherwise I'll never get out of here. An imp appears beside me, I look at it and smile, imps cannot be bound by walls and chains, they come and go where they please. It dashes around the floor and plays with the dust particles in the air. Then more arrive and they all start to play what appears to be a game of tag where everyone is it.

I hear a crash from across the hall and somebody swears loudly, startled the imps vanish. I start to feel upset again, I didn't want them to leave.

The door handle of the door is being turned, I'm scared but I'm going to fight them and get out of here, I look around for anything sharp but there isn't anything so I clench my fists instead, through the door steps a man and a woman both are dressed in white cloaks, the man sighs "Please, we don't want to go through this every time you need your meds"

I ignore them, the woman is holding a white needle, I don't like it when they stick it in me, I don't see the dragons and the mermaids and the imps for a long time when they stick it in me. They are the only things that make me feel happy since I've been here. So I lunge at them hitting the man on the nose, but the woman grabs me and sticks the needle in my arm, I scream then it went all white.

I've woken up now and my head feels clearer now I guess, but the mermaids have gone from the pool below and I don't see any dragons in the sky. I'm now being taken out of my room and downstairs for today's lunch. Maybe I have been acting a bit silly towards these people; after all they only want to help me, right?