Death, violence, blood, destruction.


I moaned underneath my bed covers as I saw those images flash before me. In my dreams every night they haunted me. I stirred quietly as I woke up, sweat dripping off my forehead. I groaned as I slowly got out of my bed and staggered towards the bathroom. I looked at myself through my mirror, my blue eyes were bloodshot and I had bags under them, my brown hair was tousled and greasy. I blinked once then growled "That's it, I'm going to a doctor" I swallowed some sleeping pills before walking off back to bed.


Children dying, their blood coats their bodies, the ground, my mouth…


I opened my eyes and stared out of my window. It was now morning and the early sun was just rising. Blinking sleepily I shifted myself of my bed and threw myself into the shower in a bid to wake myself up.

I barely got any sleep last night again. This was getting annoying; I'm 25 years old for crying out loud! What kind of adult guy gets nightmares?


"Good morning Jack"

I stared up wearily from my desk and attempted to focus on the man standing before me "Oh, hi Mark" I said yawning

"You didn't sleep again?"

"No" I rubbed my eyes "I'm going to the doctors this afternoon, it's getting ridiculous"

"Good, I've been telling you for ages that you should go"

"Yeah, well I'm going now, aren't I?" I lay my head back on my desk "Now, let me sleep…"

I slowly started to let sleep claim me, god I was so tired….OWWW!

I sat up rubbing the back of my head glaring at my so called friend "What the hell was that for?!"

"I can't let you fall asleep on the job, you might get fired or something"

"Thanks I guess…" Grumbling I started up my computer and got to work.


"DAMN DOCTORS!" I screamed my annoyance as once again I was awoken by those nightmares. The damn pills did nothing at all. I shivered to myself as my mind wandered back to my dreams.


Death, violence, blood, destruction.


There was blood everywhere…so much blood…so much death…and I caused it.


"I'm going for a walk" I muttered to myself, deciding that some fresh air will take my mind of the dreams.

I decided to wander through the local park. It was probably a big mistake. Not that it was dangerous or anything but that you see some of the cities finest roaming the area then. A girl who looked no more than 14 staggered up towards me.


"Hey, HEY YOU!" she yelled at my face "WANNA have a drink?" I declined her offer and walked off as she giggled and sang loudly to what I assume were her friends Mr Lamppost and Mrs Tree.


As I headed up towards my house, I noticed something white flash past my eyes in the distance. I stared at where I saw it go but I couldn't see anything. I shook my head and put it down to tiredness.


Continuing to walk onwards, I suddenly felt strange as if I had pins and needles all over my body; I looked down at my hand and screamed. It was covered in white hair. Lots and lots of little white hairs, fur I thought I have fur why do I have fur? I'm not supposed to have fur. I panicked and started to try to pull the hair off but I couldn't. A howl suddenly screeched through the darkness. I ran.

I ran hard not looking back, but all the while I heard what sounded like thousands of footsteps behind me, to the side of me…. and in front of me.

I tripped and hit the ground hard, I tried to stand up but fell down again in a clumsy panic, and then they surrounded me.


They were hominoid but covered in white fur like I was and had huge empty eyes. They each had a snout with huge long teeth. They were all looking at me.

One of them stepped forward "You are almost ready"

"You can talk!"

The creature ignored me. "But you are not ready yet, we will come when you are"

Then they were gone, vanished from sight. Exhausted, I collapsed upon the ground.

I woke up the next day in my bed, I sat bewildered and stared down at my hands and noticed the fur was gone. I put the whole experience down to a bad dream. I got out of bed and went downstairs and almost bumped into one of the creatures from last night. I started and when I stared the thing had vanished again.


It was not a good day. I was at my job, when I saw one of the creatures, staring I stammered and started to back away, one of my colleagues grabbed me,

"What's the matter Jack?" he asked he looked concerned

"That… that thing" stammering I pointed at the creature who was staring at me.

Mark looked worried "Jack there's nothing there"

Angrily I whipped round to face him "Of course there is, it's there" I pointed to the creature's direction again "Can't you see it"

"No" he whispered.

Despair washed through me I turned towards the creature again, it was gone "But…But it was there I saw it..."

"Maybe you should go home, I'll tell the boss that you took ill" he patted me on the back "Maybe you just need some rest, you didn't sleep well last night did you?"

I nodded and walked slowly towards the door, all around me the other office workers stared at me. But as I turned to close the door behind me I saw the white beast standing beside Mark staring at me.


I kept seeing the beasts all day. Whenever I stared at one of the creatures people stared at me and so I began to realise that only I could see them. I was scared and I was wondering if I had gone crazy.


That night I awoke in the night again, I had had that dream, the one with blood and death. I started to itch all over, I scratched my hand absently and realised that I was covered in white fur again. Panicking I ran out of the door and bumped into one of the creatures, I stopped and looked up at it. The thing leaned forward and whispered in my ear. I listened to what he had to say.


I have now finished writing my tale, I now know the truth about me and those creatures, what I saw were dreams, illusions. But they sent them to me and they are arriving for real.


And now in the last hours of the nights, when dawn is closing in, I hear their hollow, long howls. Calling me, seducing me, inviting me to join them. And I swear that they come closer for each night that passes. Soon they will be standing outside my window, looking at me with their long marble-white faces, screaming for me. And when that time comes, I will open my window.