He was running, he lifted his sword up and swung it down. Then there was a snarl and a howl and a curse. There was blood, lots of it, dripping from the sword. He could see something lying splayed across the ground, bleeding profusely from a gaping wound. He lifted the sword again and brought it crashing down. There was a loud yelp and then Sam woke up.


“Honey? What's wrong?”

Sam looked up startled “I'm trying to remember a dream from last night, it was odd but I can't recall why”

The woman smiled and laughed “Does it matter that much that you'd be late for work?”

Surprised Sam spun around to face the clock hanging up on the kitchen wall which was currently announcing it to be quarter to nine . “Oh crap!” he exclaimed as he ran towards the hallway before he reached the door he paused and faced his girlfriend “Dae? Do you need a lift or anything?”

Dae laughed again and simply waved the question off “Sam, you know I always start later than you, Mrs McConnell will just give me a lift in like she always does, now go! Shoo!”


How dare she trick him like that! He was angry and quickly lunged for his sword and tore after her…no…IT. He caught up to IT and moved to swing his blade downwards.


“Hey Sam! Wake up!” Sam violently swung his head upwards to face his co-worker Mike.

“Huh…Wha?” he mumbled unintelligibly

“You were out cold and you were moving around and muttering a lot” Mike looked at him in concern “Look are you ok? For the past couple of weeks you've been looking dead tired, have you been sleeping ok?”

Sam stretched his arms out behind his shoulders before moving to rub the sleep out of his eyes. He had been tired a lot recently, though he still seemed to be sleeping alright other than those odd yet forgettable dreams. In fact, he realised, the tiredness had started around the time of the first dream around a month ago. He told Mike this after he got questioned again.

“Hmm, well that is odd” Mike said thoughtfully “Have you tried sleeping pills? I heard there's this new brand out; they say it puts you in a sleep so deep you don't even get dreams”


He heard a howl and ran towards the noise, there he saw IT standing there like IT's important, he growled in anger and stalked towards IT and drew his sword just as the thing ran again.


Sam groaned and glared at his bottle Snoz™ before throwing into the bin. “After only one night of using Snoz™ you will feel refreshed, happy and raring to go!” muttered Sam “Yeah right, I've been using that crap for about three weeks now and it's just been getting worse”

“What are you moaning about now Sam?” Dae wandered into the room and looked into the bin “Aaha! I see the problem!” She bent down and picked up a bottle from within the bin's contents “Snoz™ not working for you then?”

“What do you think?” mumbled Sam as he rested his head upon the kitchen table “I still feel like crap and the dreams have been getting worse”

“Poor baby” Dae dropped the bottle back into the bin and sat down in front of Sam “Are the dreams really that bad?”

“I don't know, I can't really remember them though they are starting to become clearer…”

“What do you mean?”

“I'm chasing something, and I'm angry about it but I don't know why. The faded memory of the dream disturbs me when I wake and I always feel so tired”

Dae looked thoughtful for a moment before asking “Have you ever heard of oneirology?”


She was so beautiful and as they lay down together he went to slowly undress her. He sighed, kissed her upon her lips and snaked his fingers around her back only to feel…


“So then…Sam was it? What can we do for you today?” The short woman adjusted her glasses and sat down next to her newest client.

“Well, I, uh…My girlfriend recommended this place to me, she said it should help with my problems”

“That's nice Sir, but it still doesn't answer the question as to why you are here”

“Oh! I'm sorry” Sam wrung his hands nervously, “I've been getting weird dreams recently only… I can't really remember them, yet I know they're strange and I've been feeling dead tired recently no matter how much I sleep, I think it's because of them, the dreams I mean”

The woman stared at Sam before pushing her sliding glasses back up her nose “Well then Sam, we'll see what we can do, hopefully by helping you to remember your dreams you can get to the root of your problem”

“What exactly is Oneirology?” Sam asked “I've never really understood it”

“Oneirology is a branch of psychology that doesn't just delve into peoples minds, they delve into their dreams. Through the use of a machine known as the D.I.U (Dream Instigation Unit) they can allow the patient to witness past dreams while still being technically conscious. The machine does suffer from some problems however as the dream tends to come out fuzzy and at times unclear. It is also impossible to choose which dream can be replayed, which leads to a difficulty in finding and viewing the needed dream. Yet it can still help people's memories to trigger and has been useful in aiding people to recover lost memories and has helped in aiding psychologists in understanding the human mind more”


“Will this hurt? Sam was currently lying stretched out under what looked like a CAT machine, he was feeling a tad nervous.

“Don't worry” Dr McDonald said “All you should feel is a slight tingle” She pressed a button and slowly pulled down a lever “Now get ready. Dream sequence will begin in ten…nine…”

“You know, I don't like the way you said ‘should' there”


Oh dear god! That is most defiantly more than a tingle! Sam thought as his head started to feel like a couple of trolls were using it as drums.


He was running, he had a sword in his hand and he was chasing IT, he was going to kill IT and make IT PAY!


“Welcome back” Dr McDonald said briskly “Was the session a success?”

Sam groaned and waited to be slide back out of the machine before sitting up and rubbing his head.

“Well? Was it a success?” Dr McDonald said again more sharply.

“Wait a second” murmured Sam “I need to get my thoughts co-ordinated again” He shook his head and began to answer “I think it was a success, I actually remember something, I was chasing something, I referred to it as IT, I wanted to kill it, I had a sword”

“Hmm; and you are positive that this was the dream that's been troubling you?”

“Yes, yes it was”

He stabbed it again and again and again.


“So how are your sessions going then?” Dae asked as she down at the table with her breakfast. She cut a section of bacon off and shoved it into her mouth “You're looking a bit better, not quite so zombie like”

“Thank you so much for your kind words; I don't know what I'd do without you”

“You're very welcome, but you never actually answered my question”

“It's been going, I've been remembering bits of it now but it's going so slowly”

“Don't worry, you'll get there, you'll remember” Dae finished of her bacon and looked at the clock “You better get going or you'll be late”


“Well, shall we review what you know about the dream so far?” Dr McDonald asked.

Sam nodded “Sure, I'm chasing something, I'm angry. I want to kill it which I then succeed in doing”

“Can you focus on the dream clearly?”


“Good, if you do that while under the D.I.U, I should be able to focus in on the particular dream and you'll be able to witness the dream in full. Are you ready you do that?”

Sam thought for a moment “Yes” He nodded “Yes I am”


He loved her; the woman leaned in to kiss him upon his lips while he wrapped his hands around her waist to draw her in and feeling her smooth skin…no…fur…

Breaking apart from her suddenly he stared at her in horror “What…what are you?” he growled.

The woman faltered “It's not what you think!” she pleaded “I love you!”

“It's exactly what I think! You're a bloody fox!”

At his words, the woman's disguise failed and in her place was a stricken looking fox. “I'm sorry! I'm sorry!” She cried “I didn't know how to tell you! I love you!”

“You are a fox” he rumbled “You lot are nothing but evil spiteful tricksters” He grabbed his blade “I will kill you!”

The fox gasped and sped outside and across the field. With a roar he followed too angry to think of anything but killing this evil thing who dared to steal his heart!

He chased it for a long time until both fox and man started to tire. The fox slowed down to turn around and face him again “Please” she whispered “I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to trick you, I love you”

He just ignored her and sneered “What were you trying to take? Was it my heart or my kidneys? Were you trying to become human?”


“Liar! Filthy lying scum!” He raised his blade and brought it down with a great force. The fox screamed in pain and he swung again and again and again until the fox screamed no more.


Sam woke up, he lay there underneath the machine, sweating bullets and his eyes open wide.

“Sam?” Dr McDonald's voice called out “Did it work? Did you see your full dream?”

“I have to go” Sam said suddenly “Let me out of this thing now”

“Sam? What's wrong?”

“Just do it!”

“Fine” Dr McDonald answered snappily and moved to slide him back out of the machine. “Now will you please tell me what the matter is?”

“I have to get home”

“Sam! Sam get back here!”

But Sam did not listen, he knew he had to get out of here, he had to get home. Sam had recognised the woman's face before she turned into a fox. She looked and sounded exactly like his girlfriend Dae.


“Dae!” Sam burst into his flat screaming “Are you home? I need to talk to you!”

“Sam? Sam what's the matter?” Dae wandered into the hallway “Is your session over?”

“I saw something” Sam cried out “I saw my whole dream”

“You…you…did?” Dae stuttered looking shocked “What…what was it?”

“You turned into a fox and I killed you” He gasped out “I don't know what this means…”

“But it's just…a dream isn't it, nothing to worry about”

“Yes it was a dream wasn't it?” Sam raked his fingers through his hair “But it was all so real, it was like a memory more than a dream and I just got so scared…”

“It's ok, you just had a fright” Dae opened out her arms and hugged the shaking man tight “I shouldn't have suggested oneirology, I hadn't realised how awful that dream was. I'm sure that now you know, you'll have no more problems”

“Yeah” Sam said shakily “Yeah, I hope so, I love you Dae, and I'll never hurt you, ever”

Dae smiled and rested her head against her lover's shoulder, her claws dug into the back of his shirt as she smiled a toothy grin “I love you too”